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About Molly

My lifelong love of reading and writing probably should have fast-tracked my journey to where I am now. Instead, I took a few detours.

Somehow, in my quest to avoid math and science in college, I found myself as geology major.  Despite having to stretch outside of my academic comfort zone on a daily basis, I was where I needed to be during that season. The small department was the safest, most supportive place for me as my younger sister, Maggie, was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 15. 

Renewed interest in a long-neglected writing project was an answered prayer during that time. Instead of taking notes in physics class, I found myself jotting down snatches of dialogue and plot ideas. I regret nothing.

Still unsure how I wanted to used my geology degree after graduation, I stumbled into a job writing content at a branding and marketing firm. After a couple of years there, I knew two things. One, I had to pursue writing as a career, permanently. Two, I needed to get better at it. 

I went back to school at Liberty University and graduated with a Master of Arts in Composition and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. I now teach college students about great literature and writing in a variety of classes. 

My current writing project is a Contemporary YA trilogy. Book one is complete and looking for a home, and the second and third books are in active development.


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